I'm Andy Adams, 

author of The Games of Ganthrea,

hider of geocaches,

skier of Mt. Bachelor,

maker of music,

& part-time lumberjack.



About Andy Adams

Favorite beard: Abe Lincoln's.

Favorite bear: black, non-biting one at Mt. Rainier.

Favorite life: current.

Favorite wife: Andrea.

Favorite amount of kids to raise: four.

Favorite skiing direction, and max velocity: downhill, and 62 mph.

Favorite authors: J.K. Rowling, Patrick Rothfuss, Orson S. Card, & bookshelf below.

Favorite things to burn: CD's, speed-racers, Ponderosa wood, and the evidence.

Favorite shakes: shamrock, hand.

Pet peeve: no thanks, but we have 11 chickens, 2 outdoor cats, and 1 four-point buck that beds down in our front yard. I named him Bucky.

Favorite lists: films by Steven Spielberg, books by J.K. Rowling, and this awesome, alliterative A-list "About Andy Adams" (So meta!)

A University of Minnesota grad and Evans Scholar (kind of like a Rhodes Scholar, but with more caddying), I've impressed a lot of people and fooled many others

(some even think I'm a cowboy writer from the 1800's! But nope! He's dead!),

but not you, I can tell you're a clever one...

*ferns rustling*... Clever girl...

Aghh! Raptor attack!


When I was a young man and beardless due to corporate-America constraints,

I met Bill Bryson.

No, not Bill Benson from accounting--the famous British author Bill Bryson! Backstage! In Hopkins, Minnesota! The same one who wrote "A Walk in the Woods"!

You know what he asked me? "Son, how did you get back here?!"

Nah, he actually let me stay awhile, and listen. So I did. He was as jolly, well-spoken, and kind-hearted as you are imagining. Maybe even better. Go, Bill!


After I grew a goatee from the Freedom of Public School Teacher Hair Length Act of 2013, I taught English in Wisconsin, and started writing an idea for a book. Then in 2017, I got tangled up in a moving caravan (kind of like those Oliphaunts from "Return of the King," but with wheels) and found myself, and my family, 2,000 miles west in Bend, Oregon.


Now, with a formidable beard and an equally formidable mission to write engaging books, I'm still here in Bend! Unless I'm taking my four kids on an impractical, 3,125 mile road-trip to Rhode Island. Newport, ho!

That's enough about me. What about you? Hmm? Go ahead and leave your complete, unabridged life-story in the comments below.

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(must be those Russian hackers again!)

you can fight back by scrolling to the Subscribe Form and entering your name (or superhero alias) and email.

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That'll teach 'em! Oh, yeah! 'Merica!

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