I'm Andy Adams, 

author of

The Games of Ganthrea.



Andy Adams & The Games of Ganthrea

Local to Bend, flying Mt. Bachelor with skis, dad of four and husband of one,

I'm Andy, and my first book can be found at Dudley's Bookshop or on Amazon,

so you can support local or support convenience.

If you prefer stories with a strong mix of adventure, intrigue, and relatable heroes, but also want a brand new world like Pandora, Middle Earth, or New-New Zealand, 

then let me welcome you to Ganthrea.

Something was lost on Earth billions of years ago, something that held together the great super-continent of Pangea;

it let humans unlock extraordinary levels of themselves,

 made arena landscapes transform into old-growth forests right before your eyes...

and is still around if you know where to find it,

or someone to show you the way.

For Brenner Wahlridge, that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is here,

to start fresh in a new world and academy.

But it isn't enough to want to use magic,

you need certain tools, training, and an understanding

of how people, stones, and water think.

Just reciting words won't activate spells.

Or let you fly.

But Windelm and Gemry know how.

And if he survives the Entrance Agilis, then Brenner just might know, too.

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