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The Games of Ganthrea

Book-savvy Brenner Wahlridge has two more years of lonely, bullied high school life to endure before he can hit Restart on life in college. But when a mysterious talisman appears in his tree tower, and an invitation to the elixir-infused world of Ganthrea, Brenner decides that the possibility of magic is worth the risks of an unknown land. 

Soon he's immersed in tree cities and a battle-heavy academy, and struggling through new relationships with friends, competitors, and a girl who might be both.

Unexpectedly asked to play in the Olympic-like games, Brenner needs more than strategy if he is to survive--let alone win--in dangerous battles with mythic beasts and ruthless competitors. And even if he outplays these dangers within the stadium, it doesn't protect him from rebels lurking beyond the Games of Ganthrea.

Also available in downtown Bend, Oregon at Dudley's Bookshop Cafe on Minnesota Ave.

Are you a fan of Harry Potter or Ender's Game? Of new arena games, spells and beasts?

Then yes, you'll find it spellbinding.

Thanks for reading.