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Hanging in a Ninja Wonderland

Happy December! Ever wonder what it takes to get on American Ninja Warrior? Is it abs of steel? Biceps of brass? Pectorals of plutonium? Do I have to be radioactive? Well, it doesn't hurt!

Oh wait, it actually does. Maybe put that plutonium back into the reactor. Easy does it.

But for those of us who want the challenge of ninja courses but not the expense of traveling to Las Vegas for filming, why not make your own fun?

I present to you: the Adams Adventurer Pull-up Bar!

For roughly $30 in hardware supplies, we now have our own hallway ninja fun (I could've gotten away with less, but wanted fancy moulding boards instead of Sarah-plain-and-tall 2x4's up on the walls. This also made wifey happier about the installation.) And hallway install versus doorframe gives us less door-kicking-pain and more foot-swinging-pleasure!

What does it do? The real question is, "What doesn't it do?!" And the answer to that is simple: it doesn't floss your teeth, file your taxes, or flip houses for you. But back to what it does do for you: trains you to be a strong ninja! My kids (and I) take every opportunity to hang from it, swing on it, pull up on it, and generally be happy on it. You can't not be happy on a pull-up bar. (Unless you're being forced to in gym class. Or your muscles are really tired from doing too much hanging on it yesterday.)

Aside from those, I stand by my happiness statement: Pull-up bar = pure happiness. Chocolate + pull-up bar = pure chocolate happiness.

It is also a physical reminder to not install things at head level. But clever Andy wins again and put the bar at precisely 6 feet! Huzzah for being Tom Cruise tall! And, it also doubles as a burglar knocker-outer-impediment. Because burglars are always taller than 6' and don't use flashlights to get around at night. That's right! "Everything's coming up Milhouse!" (For you non-Simpsons fans, I apologize, slightly.)

And the Ninja Bar is a physical reminder to have goals and work at them every day. Imagine if your personal goal was written and bolted to a bar on your hallway--be tough to avoid, right? So every time I'm being a ninja on the bar I remember mine: be the best writer, dad, and husband. And part-time ninja.

What goal can you hang on/in your house? Choose creatively!

Book news: cover art creation for Games of Ganthrea has begun! Go, Kim Dingwall!

Life news: ski season has begun! Go, Mt. Bachelor!

Improv news: Bend Improv Group had a great show in November! Go, B.I.G.! (or go home!)

(I was interviewed on TV! You can find a video clip of the group and I here on Central Oregon Daily Source on the Scene)

Here's some extra inspiring pictures of my ninja kids at the Trampoline Zone (a.k.a. Ninja Warrior Training Grounds) in Bend.

Go forth, you ninjas!


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