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New Song - "Flow Through You"

Hey friends, hope you are in good spirits and still alive.

Fall has been full of variety. Wildfires and smoke and almost moved to Eugene in September. New friends and wood cutting in October. Election in November. And finally, snow and skiing in December. And of course, writing throughout.

I've got something fun to share. I've been playing acoustic guitar a lot over the summer/fall (mostly at Bend parks with kids, also at a campfire in Yellowstone with a couple moving from San Diego to New York, and at Flaming Gorge in Wyoming), and finally I buckled down and wrote some lyrics. This is the first song with lyrics I've made since music theory class way back at Armstrong High School. So that's a win for me. Before, I've made lots of piano songs... with just piano. That's cool if you're Yanni, but most people prefer something to sing along to, or at least think about, like the meaning of Chumbawumba.

I've learned this fall: you're either growing or you're becoming complacent. And if you're out of your comfort zone, you're doing something right. So this was a fun way to record instruments (acoustic AND electric guitar! Yeah!), vocals, piano, and learn editing on GarageBand. And drum tracks! Props to my family for allowing me to make a lot of noise.

I'm happy with how it turned out. It's about taking charge of each day, choosing your state of mind, and thinking about what you want your life shaped like.

Influences for the song are The Killers, Ellis Paul, Coldplay, U2, Ben Folds, and Five Iron Frenzy. But don't think that it's going to sound anything like them. It's like "Tribute to the Greatest Song in the World"... it doesn't actually sound anything like that song!

You can find "Flow Through You," on the Music page on my website. It sounds best with headphones, or with huge speakers, as there's lots of layers, panning of instruments. And a horn section. I'll probably add more songs this winter. Music is fun like that.

Happy holidays to you and your family. I hope you are making art and raising kids and reading new stories and whatever else keeps you creative and happy.

Let the music flow through you!


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