• Andy Adams

October is for reading (tea) leaves and raking (ten) books

'Tis the season where oranges and reds swirl 'round us, and many of us are asking, "Aren't the deer going to hurry up and eat this leafy mess?"

Well, I for one am thinking that.

Bucky and Co.

Come on, Bucky! Get chompin'!

This month I hope you enjoy some good reads and good raking. Some people even say that our fortunes are hidden in the (tea) leaves... if so, mine seems to be saying, "I shall be vibrant for a week, and then *shudder* decay." The leaves are deep, man. As are the piles.

What am I up to this month? You're looking at it! :)

But also, I'm also editing The Games of Ganthrea (for I don't know, the 7th time?), and reading books by Bo Eason (There's No Plan B for Your A-Game), Neil Gaiman (The Graveyard Book), and Oregon's poet laureate, Kim Stafford (Wild Honey, Tough Salt).

I actually saw Kim speak at the Sisters Festival of Books last weekend, and let me tell you, he was a delightful, engaging, inspiring man. Reminded me of my teacher friend Bill Marton, the late senator Paul Wellstone, and Robin Williams from The Dead Poets Society.

My challenge to you (as given by Kim): think of who in your life could use a poem. Then, find and send them one, or, even better, write them one!

Happy fall! Happy reading! Go read/rake those leaves/books!


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