• Andy Adams

Ready, Set, Leap into a Parallel Universe!

It's that time again! When we get to clean the hot tub? Buy new lamps at IKEA? Go to the humane society and come home with a new furry friend? Good ideas, but nope! Those are for tomorrow!

It's time for us... to exist in a day that doesn't exist for another 4 years. Trippy, but true.

It's as though we've taken the red pill, and get a bonus day (provided it's a Saturday, which it is) to wake up and do whatever we want, breaking free from the shackles of our mostly-first-world-minor-problem-lives. "That's right, baby, we're going rollerblading!"

The last leap year day in 2016 fell on a... Monday. So we all got an extra day of work, and boy did we feel it. But not this time, O Tempora! (O Fortuna's homely, less attractive sister.) It's an extra weekend day! Yes!

How special is that? The next leap year days are Thursday in 2024, then Tuesday in 2028, and finally a Sunday in 2032. As Abraham Lincoln said, "This day is a four score minus three score and two full leap cycles day--free beard trims for everyone! Hurray!"

Today you owe it to yourself to do something so memorable, you will remember it 4, 8, and 12 years from now. Because for all those years in-between, today won't exist. It's like you're the lead singer from A-ha's "Take on Me," and you only get this one chance to pull a person into your rocking, wrench-villain-fighting, sketchbook paradise. Nevermind that you eventually try desperately to escape said paradise.

Ideas for your special day: bake cupcakes and deliver to every odd numbered house on your street; go paragliding with your dog; sew and stuff a pillow so large your whole family can meditate on it; ride a whale into the sunset; eat only the brightest primary colors for every meal; translate a book into Egyptian hieroglyphs (Holy cow I spelled it right the first time!); find and use your missing pogostick; begin every sentence with, "In the interest of exercising prudence,"; blink only when absolutely necessary.

You're welcome. And thank you.

Book update: Kim Dingwall made a fantastic cover for "The Games of Ganthrea."

Cover reveal coming in March. Book launch coming the end of April. Call Houston!

Life update: January = Wisconsin, Costa Rica, and kids chasing turkeys in Eugene. February = ice castles, cold fun in Minnesota, and why are the kids sick?

Leap year update: leap day is a go.

So take (this day and) me on, I (and it) will be gone, in a...daaaaaaaay.

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