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The Games of Ganthrea Cover has Arrived!

In this time of self-reflection and self-containment, I bring you good news! The cover art for G.o.G. is here, and it's everything we* wanted it to be! And more!

A huge thank you to my illustrator, Kim Dingwall. She listened to my ideas, details, and fully brought them to life with great flair. Fourteen out of ten stars for Kim! If she lived in this continent, I would give Kim a gloved high-five (Alas, she lives down under, where the deer and the koala bears roam).

And now, without further fanfare, allow me to introduce Brenner Wahlridge, Gemry Gespelti and......

Awesome, right?!

The arena, the flight, the spells, the banners, the bits of trees, the magic--it's more real than ever. I think "out of my head and beyond paper" qualifies as more real than ever. And at 436 pages, I think the book is pretty solid, too. And don't fret-- these aren't uber-thick "Game of Thrones" pages, where you're taking weeks off of work to hunker down and read, they're more in line with just-the-right-mix-of-action-and-dialogue "Harry Potter," where you can read it in an enjoyable weekend. :)

"What's next for the Games of Ganthrea?!" you say, leaping from your kitchen table to the chandelier.

The. Book. Launch. Yeah! But first: The. Proof. Check!!! Yes, I'd rather you got a mint condition copy in your hands with 1-2 typos instead of 3-5. So when I get the book later this week, and scrutinize it one last time, then it has the all clear, and it's time for--

The Book Launch!

::Cue the smoke blasts and lasers::

Grizzly Announcer voice: Ladies and Gentlemen, coming to THE METRODOME on THURSDAY, April 16, 2020 is your favorite, Gravedigger (arooo!) and the rest of the MONSTER TRUCKS ready to race, craaash, and smaaaash at the MONSTER JAM! And also--METALLICA! Raaaaa!

I think that will be my ad. Pre-cisely. Now to call up Metallica.

But yes, Thursday, April 16 is Launch Day, just after Easter and right after the day your taxes are due, so you'll hopefully get a nice refund to enjoy-- The Games of Ganthrea! (and maybe, Metallica!)

I hope you have a fantastic Sunday, made the most of your Leap Year Day as I encouraged you to do a full two weeks ahead of Covid, and I appreciate all the support many of you have given over the years, especially the beta-readers.

Enjoy the day and get ready for a fun April read!


*You, me, and your fuzzy pet makes at least three.

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