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The Games of Ganthrea is a GO!

Hey friends, it's been a good two weeks: I've proof-checked two paperback versions of my book, fought to the death with MS Word, learned how to configure my story in Kindle Create (and even put some stylistic art in the headers), and revamped my website (There's a real book section! With links!).

So, it's the witching hour, and hopefully you got a nice relief check from the government today, and sure, I could've priced my book at $1,200.00, but it's already locked in at $16.99, so I missed the boat. :) But you're free to buy as many copies as you'd like. Better get seven, just in case you're going on a your front yard...and are very forgetful. "Where did I put that book again?... Oh, another one's right here! Whew!"

The stage curtains are open, the spot lights are on, let the show begin:

I'm proud to share with you, "The Games of Ganthrea."

(Top of site, click 'Books', see two links to Amazon, go nuts)

Thank you to many friends, family, and students for the encouraging words about it over the past several years. Some of you may even think you see partial anagrams of your names as characters in the book. To you I say, that's crazy. There's a clear disclaimer at the front that says this is a work of fiction. I was clearly talking about some other made-up Mr. Quinn who taught about the Renaissance. Because that character's full name is Natt Quinn, short for Nathaniel. So, again, that's just crazy talk.

And if you enjoy it, I'd be thrilled if you wrote a review. You don't even need to write a thematic essay on it, like I used to ask my high school students to do. A simple, glowing, 5/5 star review is just fine. I mean, even the kittens couldn't put the book down.

Princess Pretty (Momma cat) had to wait until her two kittens, Tiger Lilly and Chubby, went back to sleep before she could finish reading (one day, she's fast!). And let me tell you, she said it was the cat's meow! Okay I went too far there, sorry.

Recap: I hope the story captivates you, and I'd be glad to hear your thoughts on it. If you want to tell all your coworkers, students, friends, pen-pals, skijoring buddies, and Godparents about it, I would be a happy Andy.

P.S. One thing I've learned through this endeavor: I won't use MS word to format a huge book again. It stops spell-checking once you get over 100k words, and forcibly fights you when trying to insert an odd page break. "Do you want an even?" "No! Make it odd!" "Okay, here's your even page!" I came really close to chucking the computer into the river. So I'll be going with Scrivener to write the rest of Ganthrea book 2. :)

Happy reading!

Your friend, Andy

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